Authentic Indian Dishes


A throughly garnished dish of fresh onions, garlic and tomatoes, chilli and a few selected spices extensively treater to provide a dish of medium strength. A little condensed, but one of the most tasteful dishes

Balti Dishes

Theses dishes are cooked in a Karahai(bowl) with green peppers, onions, herbs and spices

Karahai Dishes

This dish is specially prepared with ground achar (pickle) balanced with other spices and cooked in a karahai

Rogan Josh Dishes

Biryani Dishes

All Biryani dishes consist of meat and rice cooked together with peas, species and served with curry sauce.

Jalfrezi Dishes

Hot dish with green peppers, onions and chillies.

Patia Dishes

Sweet and Sour dishes, and popular.